LONG REEF – August 11

Apologies for the mix up with marking score cards and determining winners at the Long Reef game. George C’s task in checking and scoring the cards was made extremely difficult by the generally poor presentation of around half the cards submitted. We will be circulating a reminder to all members about the correct way to complete score cards. In future, scorecards that do not follow the correct protocols will be returned to the player for amendment.

You can appreciate that the time available to check, compare and rank all scorecards is limited, so compliance will be mandatory from now on. In recognition of the mix up, the winners’ results have now been revised.

Individual Winners

1st – 41 pts – Jodi H. Congratulations on your first win Jodi.

2nd– 40 pts – Greg H – who honourably returned his awards so Jodi could be rightfully recognised.

3rd – 37 pts – Taffy C

4th – 36 pts – Karen B

Team Winners

1st – 77 pts – Greg H/Taffy C .

2nd – 74 pts – Howard S/Greg H

3rd –  71 pts – Jodi H/Karen B

4th – 64 pts – Bernie McC/Grant ‘Chippa’ S

5th – 61 pts – Kym F/Bill W

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