The Social Golf Club was founded 40 years ago to provide a healthy sport and social outlet for members. We are part of the Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club and support the Club through Friday night raffles and club events.

The Golf Club is limited in how many members we can accept, due, in part to difficulty in getting course bookings for large groups. Accordingly, there are a number of procedures adopted by the Committee that allow for growth in Club members and still provide access to golf for as many as possible.

We have several social functions throughout the year, including trips away, Christmas party, presentation nights, social gatherings and special events.

The following is information on how the Club operates and a guide to the obligations for all members to follow. Please remember if you are not sure, just ask!

  • Members must be financial members of the Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club.
  • Members must have played a minimum of 3 games as a visitor.
  • Members must be nominated by another Golf club member.
  • New members are put up for nomination at the AGM each year and the nomination voted on by attending members.
  • The Club is limited on how many new members it can accept each year. This is to ensure existing and new members actually get to play. The number of members is determined by the Committee each year at the meeting before the AGM.
  • Provisional members who are not able to be join in one year, due to criteria, will have priority when determining for new members the following year.
  • The sign on sheet for all members  and visitors goes up at the Sailing club on a Friday night at 6pm one month before the next scheduled game.
  • Members can only place their own and ONE other name at time of signing.
  • Visitors use the “Visitors” space on sheet and must include contact details.
  • Members are NOT to cross out names already on sheet , or replace a crossed out name and instead, are to put names in the members “Reserves” space if the sheet is full.
  • Members are requested to respect all course rules and other members as we are representing the Skiff Club.
  • All members are required to carry out Friday night Raffle ticket selling duties, at least once per year. A roster is made up each December and members are allocated a Friday night date, or dates, they must attend.
  • Each member is obliged to sponsor a game for $40.00 ( at 2019). This is done on a roster approximately every 2 years.
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